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Friday, March 27, 2020

Platform fun fold card

stamps used:  SU Painted poppies
SU DSP painted poppies

I do like to make fun fold cards!  and this one is no exception.  I like to call this style card a platform card because the folded card is on a single layer base card.  To me it looks and feels like a platform but I'm sure there is another name out there that someone else named it...but...for me it will always be a Platform card.

Folded card:  8 1/2 x 3 1/2
tip:  folded card can be any size smaller than the platform.
base or platform:  4 1/4 x 5 1/2
Basically that is all you need to know, anything beyond that is just decorating the card.

Take a look here,  here, and another here.  As you can see I have been creating these style cards for a while.  The first time I remember doing this style card was way back when I was getting together with friends in New Hampshire ... we used to call our group .... Stamp Bash.  Unfortunately we stopped years ago because of life situations.  Cindy this is a shout out to you.  Do you remember this style card?????
That's it for today.  thanks for stopping by.  come back soon.  leave a comment and let me know what you think.  Tell me about a card design you have been making for years.

Thursday, March 26, 2020


I watched Dina Wakley LIVE on Facebook yesterday where she did a demo on making her faces.  She challenged watchers to follow along ... so I did!  first challenge was to draw a face fast without thinking and number it #1.  I did.  then she gave a little more instructions about outlining a face and how to map out a face.  Numbered that one #2.  Last one numbered #3 was a start to finish with some shading.  She said we would get better and to keep practicing.  I think I need a lot of PRACTICE!  If you look at #1 there are some eyes, lips and noses we also did in between making faces #2 and #3.  I will save these in my art journal for fun and every once in a while practice making faces.  Hopefully, I will improve.
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Friday, March 20, 2020

Trio of cards

stamps used:  Unity stamp co. - Moments of Bliss, Hey Friend, Every single day stamp sets
These three cards were cased from a FB LIVE that Angela from Unity did earlier this week.
For this card I layered the three sections onto a piece of 4"x 5 1/4" white card.  Each panel was stamped with a similar color ink as the cardstock.

This card wast stamped on kraft cardstock with white pigment ink and heat embossed with white embossing powder.  I added some white highlight with a white color pencil.  The stamped kraft card was adhered to a piece of 4" x 5 1/4" white card then adhered to a kraft note card.

I call this card a Cut up card just my name ... don't know if there is another name floating out there in cyber space.  I think, no I know this mint green card is my favorite.  Anyone know why?  well, if you know me then you do.  teeheeheee  First I stamped on 3 3/4" x 5" mint card with black ink with the saying on the bottom portion of the card.  Next I stamped the flower image twice.  I'm not much for measuring so I just put the card in my cutter and cut three panels.  I will tell you I cut the horizontal line first so I wouldn't cut off any of the saying.  After that I just cut the flower in two panels then taped the three panels onto a 4" x 5 1/4" black layer.  The stamped layer was taped to a mint green note card.  To finish I glued on some sequins.

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Friday, March 13, 2020

A cup of thanks

stamps used:  SU Tea Shoppe
Banner dies by Gina Marie Designs

Green card is what I call a basic card.  Butterscotch card is a step up from a basic card.
Green card:
1.  Die cut green banner then in smaller banner die cut DSP.  Tie ribbon around banners then adhere to cream card.
2.  Stamp and fussy cut tea cup and mount with foam mounting tape to card over banners.

Butterscotch card:
1.  repeat step 1 from green card except use butterscotch colors.
2.  run a separate piece of cream card, through Big Kick (or whatever machine you own) with dotted embossing folder.
3.  adhere embossed piece to cream note card
4.   repeat step 2 from green card but again in butterscotch colors.
5.  stamp image onto cream envelope.

The stepped up version of this card is for my local card swapping group for March.
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Friday, March 6, 2020

just called to say...

stamps used:  Catherine Pooler stamps call me stamp set/dies, MFP Happy Birthday
Stencils different manufacturers

This is a fun way to use stencils to get a different look on your cards.  Hardest part to this technique is to decided what color inks to use.  I used Ranger distress inks to Catherine Pooler ink pads, so all I can say, is use what ever ink pads you have in your stash.
Basic instructions:
1.  start blending with the lighter shade of ink then move onto darker inks. Again use what ever blending tool you like ... Ranger blending tool, sponges or stipple brushes.
2.  So to clarify ... first blend colors onto card in this case I used Kraft cardstock.
3.  Next lay a stencil over the colored card and stencil the darkest color through the stencil!  that's it!  easy peasy!
After blending the colors, and stenciling, it's just a matter of stamping on an image or adding a die cut image to finish the card.
Like I mentioned it's a fun stenciling technique and easy to do but dramatic effect.  This technique is all over the internet right now, so go out and find a technique you like and try it!
Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. Thanks for stopping by and please come back again soon.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.  

Friday, February 28, 2020

See-thru shakers!!!

stamps used:  SU Danelion whishes
Dies used: balloons by Simon says stamps

Having fun making these see-thru shakers and with dies it makes it so easy.  Main thing is to match up the openings which can be done by die cutting all layers at the same time.  The die won't cut thru all four layers but it will cut thru two layers ..... then you just run the third and forth layers through machine one more time.  The die will slip into the indentation on the last two layers.
These cards have a part in which there are loose parts that move when you shake the card.  This is where the name of the card comes from ... Shaker cards.

Basic instructions:
1.  Place two A2 cards together and die cut through Big Kick (or any machine you own).  The top card with cut thru the folded card.  Place the second folded card with the die placed over the indentation of the die and run through the machine again.  Now you have both cards with die cut through them.
2.  Cut one of the folded cards in half.  One is for the back of the inside of the first folded card and the other will go on the back of the folded card when we put the shaker together.
3.  die cut four balloon frames.
Front of the card:
1.  stamp any images you want on the card.
2.  glue one of the balloon frames to the front of the card.
3.  glue a piece of acetate to the inside of the card then glue the inside cut out layer to the back of the inside of the card.
Inside of card:
1.  stamp any images you want inside the card.
2.  glue balloon frame over the die cut opening inside the card.
Back of card:
1.  glue a piece of acetate over the opening.
2.  add mounting tape all around the opening with acetate.  this is going to form the "pouch" for the shaker materials.  make sure all the mounting tape is touching so there are no cracks for shaker materials to fall out. add more mounting tape along the edges.
3.  fill the pouch with shaker materials.
4.  glue another piece of acetate to last piece of die cut card then adhere to back of card.  This will seal the shaker card.
5.  glue another balloon frame to the back of the card.
6.  I drew in balloon strings with a pen.

Here is another see-thru shaker I made and sent out to a friend's husband.

Here is a look at the first see- thru shaker I created.
I saw this idea on Jennifer McGuire's blog.
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Friday, February 21, 2020

Resist it!

stamps used:  Unity stamp co.

Did some embossed resist technique cards after seeing Whitney from Unity stamp co., made several on a LIVE on Facebook.  It reminded me of an old technique that I used to like a long time ago, so I decided to create some cards.  
The photo on the left are the panels and the photo on the right are the finished cards.  
Basic instructions:
1.  stamp and emboss image with white or clear ink and embossing powder.
2.  blend colors over embossed image with stipple brushes, picket fence brushes or even sponges.
3.  buff the colored cards off with a soft cloth to remove any excess wet ink on the embossed image.  this step helps the image pop.
4.  trim down panel and layer on note card.
5.  stamp and emboss sayings on separate cardstock.  fussy cut or die cut and mount sayings on note cards.
***for these cards I did like Whitney did on her's ... which was add a piece of ripped vellum on the card before mounting the sayings***

Monday, February 17, 2020

See thru camera

stamps used:  SU Capture the good stamp set

I tried my hand at a see thru shaker card!  what fun!  This type of shaker seems to be the fad right now, so I decided to jump on the band wagon.  Basically you create it the same as a regular shaker card except the opening goes all the way thru the card.
I have a tip on how I created my see thru shaker.
1.  Place together two A2 cards.
2.  Place the die on the front of the cards and run thru Big Shot or any machine you may own.
3.  Cut one of the A2 cards in half to use for the inside and back of the card.
The most important thing to remember when making this type of card is don't forget the acetate between the cards for the shaker.  Ask how I know!?!?!?!?! yes, I forgot and all the sequins/beads fell out.  LOL!  I plan on making more of these cards, in fact I pulled out an old steel rule die I have that I think will work.  Will try it soon.
Thank you for stopping by.  Please come back again and leave me a comment to let me know what you think.  Let me know if you try this type of shaker.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Cut away anniversary card

stamp used:  MFP (love)
Owl builder punch by SU
Vine punch by EK success

I call this card ... CutAway card because that is exactly what I did ... I cut away the front of the card.  This is an anniversary card for a friend whose actual anniversary is on Valentines Day.  For the envelope I added some DSP to the flap just for fun. 

I know in above photo you can't see what I'm talking about so look below to see another photo of unfinished CutAway card.  

The card on the top is closed so the Kraft card front is cut away ... hence the name I gave this card.  This is not a new design it has been around for years, this is just the name I call this card.  The bottom card is open so you can see how the front of the card is cut away.  When it is closed you can see the inside of the card as you can see in the finished card, too.
Happy Valentine's Day!
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Friday, February 7, 2020

more flurry of fun!

stamps used:  Catherine Pooler stamps build a snowman stamp set

This is such a fun set of stamps and dies to create cards!  I am having lots of fun with it.  Here are a couple more doing just stamping without any dies.  I like to stamp the saying first then with colored ink stamp the hats and things on top of the black stamped saying.  easy peasy!  I did these cards for a local card swap group I belong to.
You can see more cards I did with this stamp set here.  
This is a short but fun (at least I think so) blog post.  Thanks for stopping by .... please come back again soon.