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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cathy caffeine!

I'd like you all to meet AI's Cathy caffeine.  I met her a few weeks ago at a friends' house and just had to put her to paper only thing is I do NOT like coffee....not even the smell of it soooooo my Cathy is drinking Chia Tea.  Looks like she is enjoying it.  I hand wrote Chia tea on the cup after I colored both cards with ..... you know what is coming if you read my blog Prisma color favorite coloring medium.  I dabble with other color mediums but always go back to my Prisma color pencils and believe me they are well loved.  one day I'll take a picture of them so you can see...some of them are just stubs but I refuse to throw them out till I find the same color and lately that is becoming harder and harder to do.  Apparently the craft stores are leaning more towards the paints, sprays and gelatos now don't get me wrong I own some of them, too but just love the feel of coloring with my pencils and the way I can add all the colors of the rainbow and more.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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