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Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Halloween- postcard buddies

Yes, Happy Halloween!  it's been awhile since I posted about my postcard buddies group so here are our postcards from october 2012.
Look to your left to start your journey back to Halloween.
Halloween collage by sue (me)- stamped a large image then stamped solid images over collage image.
Spooky eyes by muriel- fabulous eyes staring back at you!
Happy Halloween scene by leslie- she embossed the house...look at the lights showing through the house and the spooky tree.  stippled colors for background.
Halloween house by susan- simple stamping but effective eeriness (is that a word?)
BEWARE by brenda- it's all stamped on watercolor paper. not sure what medium she used for the background but it sure is spooky.
Black bird with skeleton by debbie- love how she stamped the skeleton image that is embossed in white over the black bird.
Thanks for going back in time with me to Halloween.  will show you more soon so stay tuned.

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