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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Livestock on the farm

Continuing back on the farm at Gingersnap Creations with GC127: Random Redhead Challenge - Livestock.  My new favorite card is the double easel! and it is so easy to make.  This one is the size in the instructions here where you start with an 8" square piece of cardstock which makes a good size card.  I do prefer the smaller one I did here on yesterday's post ..... my friends know that I always have to shrink things once I learn how to do them....just my thing.  O.K. back to my card---check out that Hot Potatoes Fabric and Wall Stamps horse or in this case livestock .... isn't she great! 


  1. This is adorable - so cute to see the horses galloping across this clever card. Thanks for sharing with Gingersnap Creations!

  2. Congratulations on your piece being chosen as a Ginger Gem in the Livestock Challenge, Sue!



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