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Thursday, August 18, 2011

S Postcard Buddies

 S is for Sign --- Skate --- Stand --- Style --- Seahorse!  this month two are the same but different.  Sign by sue (me) - Happy birthday sign image by Hot Potatoes Fabric and Wall Stamps .  did you notice that I also try to match up the color with the letter of the month.  S for sign and sienna.  Skate by muriel and petti - skating snowman by muriel - she punched out a circle for her skating snowman and added a glitter trail.  petti stamped a bunch of skating people including one who took a tumble.  Stand by leslie - she is very clever with her two definations.  a cake stand and on address side people standing.  Style by grace - she shows off all her style and grace.  get it?  style and grace (her name is grace).  sorry couldn't resist that play on words.  Seahorse by roberta - this postcard has texture with masking tape.  yes, she covered her postcard in masking tape then stamped on top of it.  clever girl.


  1. Hadn't noticed your color matching--went back and checked out your alphabet--black and blue bats, teal tea, etc. Very clever.

  2. when possible I did match up letter with colors.
    B=black&blue, C=carmel, E=eggplant, G=green, L=lilac, M=maroon, O=ochre, P=purple, R=red, S=sienna, T=teal...that's it so far.
    stamping sue


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