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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Postcard Buddies - K

Today I am showing you our "K" Postcard Buddies and again all the same but different.
Mine if K for big & bold Hot Potatoes Fabric and Wall Stamps key. 
 Muriel did a wonderful Kokopelli (glad she spelled it for me. lol) postcard.

Petti did a sweet scene with three little kittens in bed.   Next is Grace and see what I mean about the same but different....we both used Key but they are totally different.  Love when that happens.  Leslie did a sour puss kid on a swing.  Maybe she wants to play on the slide. 
Here is Roberta's K for Kangaroo.  Isn't that a fun comic strip.
Be back soon with next letter.

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  1. Sue, the postcards are beautiful and you're right, Tuesday Mornings at Gwen's was the best time. So much fun and creativity! XOXO

  2. Sue, the Postcard Buddies are precious and I love seeing everyone's spin on the idea. It does remind me of Tuesday Mornings at Gwen's--we had the most fun and lots of creativity! Love, XOXO


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