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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Shaving cream background with video

Time to get out the shaving cream ... the cheap foam  shaving cream from the dollar store.  this is a fun and easy background but it does get messy!  you just need a few tools ... toothpicks, wooden ice-cream spoon ... a palette I used paper palette but you can use anything ...  an old metal cookie sheet, piece of foil ... use whatever you have available.  next dye ink re-inkers ... any brand will work.  some type of papers, cardstock or tags just remember that every paper will react differently as you will see in video at the bottom of this post or at Sue Wisniewski - YouTube 
the manila tag I used didn't absorb the ink as much as the white cardstock I used.  you can see the differences in the photos.
here are a couple of finished cards I created
stamps for cards - Unity stamp co.

please watch my video


  1. Hmm. I always think of ice cream with this technique, but the colors you used are really different. Would make some great Halloween cards!

  2. yes, they will! Hey Petti, what do you think of my videos?


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