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Friday, April 15, 2016

Windy lady transfer tag

Yes, another tag for this week showing the packing tape transfer technique which you can see here in this post with my instructions how I did it.  only difference is I cut out a picture from an old stamping magazine ..... found that this paper was not as glossy as the previous flower seed magazine I did before, so it was a little harder to rub off the paper from the clear packing tape ..... but other than that it worked the same.  this tag will be put up on Facebook onelittle tag challenge page.
the stamp used is Windy Lady from JustForFun stamps
***don't forget to visit JFF April Bird challenge to enter and chance to win a prize***


  1. Sue, looks as if this stamp is discontinued because I couldn't find it on the site. I like what you did with it. kren

    1. Hi Kren, here is link to Windy lady: and I also fixed it in the post so if you click on Windy it will go directly to her. sorry you couldn't find her.


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