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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fun with shaving cream and more

At Big tag technique class last night we had lots of fun playing with shaving cream, wax paper, plastic wrap and rubber bands to make great backgrounds.  think shaving cream was the hit of the night....everyone got creamed and made terrific tags.  next favorite was inking the tag, spraying it
with water then crinkling plastic wrap over the tag...let it dry then peel off the plastic wrap and reveal the cool background.  for me wax paper technique is my pick for favorite because it is just so simple to do and it makes creative backgrounds.  basically you just wad up a ball of wax
paper and use it like a stamp.  press the ball of wax paper on an ink pad then print it to tag and watch the creativeness.  Last technique is another simple one.....rubber bands wrapped around wooden blocks or acrylic block.  you can wrap the rubber bands vertically, horizontal or
even criss-cross them.  press into an ink pad then print on tag.  think everyone had a good time getting inky and creamed!  all this fun happened at Maggie's Place here in Milford.

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