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Sunday, July 26, 2015

faux postage re-visited

I was rooting through my drawers looking for something (who knows what) and came across my templates for faux postage.....needless to say I forgot what I was looking for and decided to make some faux postage.  besides finding the templates there were a bunch of perforated sticky back faux postage sheets sooooooooo why not finally USE them!  why have I been saving them for so many years!  this is one of three sheets done so far....going to do one more then tear them apart and use them for a local card swap I belong to where we have 20 members which means making 20 cards.  Think I have plenty to make the cards plus a few extra to create cards to send to a few friends/family.
Besides finding all the things to make faux postage I pulled out my stipple brushes to do all the coloring and stamps I haven't used in years.  Those little people are from Zetti...remember that stamp company?   It's fun to re-visit an old idea!  so go look in your draws and see what you find to re-discover!  Might even add making faux postage to an upcoming card class I'm doing in October...what do you think?


  1. Fun! Think I have some of those sheets somewhere. Probably bought them when you were demonstrating this technique at a stamp convention years ago. Now the trick is to find them.

    1. omg! that was eons ago! those were the days when conventions were so crowded you couldn't get in to see what was being demo-ed.
      stamping sue


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