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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Playing with masking tape

Went to a friend's house to play...yes, a play date just like we were kids!  we played with masking tape,(ordinary masking tape you can get anywhere...Lowe's, even some grocery stores) acrylic paints, stencils and stamps(Hot Potato stamps! haven't used them in years!  what fun!)...Of course! can't play without stamping!  basically we put the tape down onto our craft sheet, painted a base color over the masking tape and let it dry.  After it is dry you just start stamping with the same old acrylic paints in a random fashion all over the masking tape strips you put on craft sheet.  when all is dry you carefully remove one of the masking strips and tape it to a piece of postcard size cardstock or any cardstock for a base.  you can cut it to size when you are all done.  back to technique.....remove another strip of masking tape but you take every other strip and tape it to cardstock base.  you are making a ..... oh, no!  having a brain freeze...what did my friend call it....ABSTRACT effect....yeah brain is back!  or what I like to call the Picasso look.  after all is tape done you cut to whatever size you want...postcard (4" x 6"), ATC, tags then finished decorating or add some more stamping to bring it all together.  clear as mud, right?  check out the pics then you can get the idea.

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  1. Very cool! I haven't ever tried it-but certainly sounds like fun.


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