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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Journal #4 hot tub fun

Normally we are a simple couple with simple ways but this night we pampered ourselves a little.  this hotel room had a hot tub!  what fun and a little decadent to relax in a hot tub in the afternoon.  a first for us!  we just happened to stop at this Sleep Inn hotel on the final way home from our trip visiting my dad and the hotel was booked...full!  but the young woman at the desk said we have one room left but you wouldn't want it so we asked why not?  first she said it has a king problem there....then she said it has a jacuzzi....what's the problem there?  I thought to myself it's broken that's why we wouldn't want it.....she still was playing this room down so we both said almost at the same time what's wrong?  she sheepishly said it's a smoking room.............NO problem there my husband smokes a pipe so we took it and enjoyed it.  too bad we were only staying one night.

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