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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ranger sale and more

Yesterday my friend and I went to Ranger warehouse sale.  we ended up standing in line outside with other Ranger fans waiting to get inside the warehouse to buy all goodies.  you can see mine captured in the picture.  Going to the sale was fun but more fun happened when we went around in circles with all the one way roads there and ended up stopping at a white castle to have my first white castle hamburger.  yum!  they are so cute and small that you could eat a dozen but I only had one.  After that we found the highway and we were back on our way home....about half way there we decided we needed something sweet to eat so we went to Arthur Ave. in the Bronx, NY!  another first for me.  Leslie knows her way around there so found a parking space and walked all around that neighborhood stopping at a bakery for a cannoli and a cup of tea then onto a shop for fresh pasta and ravioli, fresh cheese and homemade hot sausage.  Wish I had my camera or phone to take a couple of pictures but that was the one thing I didn't bring on our day trip.  Anyway it was a good day which finished off at home enjoying the fresh cheese filled ravioli!  thanks to Ranger for having the sale and excuse for the start of the day out and a BIG THANK YOU to my friend, Leslie for driving and showing me my first taste of Arthur Ave.  Oh yeah, did I mention that right around the corner a couple of blocks away is the Bronx Zoo which I have been to a number of times although not recently .... who knew that so close was such a place full of so many good things to eat!


  1. Glad you had so much fun! Beautiful weather, too.

  2. That was fun Sue! Great suggestion and I'm glad you had a sweet tooth exactly 4 miles from Arthur Ave!!

  3. Grabbed some great finds myself... I look forward to the sale every year... Glad you had a blast.

  4. Man I wish I could have gone with you guys! I see you scored a plethora of my FAVE mixed media collage glue sticks...those are the best! Next year I will be declining all wedding invitations for the month of October :)


    1. yes, it would be fun. I'm not a big fan of glue sticks but have heard only good things about Ranger ones so grabbed a few. usually the warehouse sale is in September this is the first time it's been in Oct.
      stamping sue

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