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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pop it up!

Lucky me I'm featured over on MFP blog with my Pop up card today but you can always see it at Speedy TV here
Pop-up cards are fun and have a big wow factor when they are opened. Once you learn how to make the cuts for the pop-ups you will have fun making more and more of this type of card. The cuts in a pop-up card can be changed to fit any size whether it is landscape or horizon card. There may seem to be a lot of instructions but in reality most of it is just repetition so please try this fun card. Like everything once you learn the technique it isn’t that hard to do, just a few cuts and you have a “wow” factor card to give to your family and friends.

Mark’s Finest Papers Heinrich collections – Island Life, Lighthouses 2, Scenic Selections
Pattern paper
Double stick tape
Ribbon – optional
Ranger Distress inks – broken china, vintage photo
Brilliance pearlescent inks – graphite black, thyme

Base card = 8 ½ x 5 ½ (fold in half to make note card)
Inside card = 8 ¼ x 5 ¼ (fold in half)

 1. You will be working on the folded edge of 8 ¼ x 5 ¼ card. Make a pencil line across card at 1 ½ “ from the fold.

2. Make second line at 1”.
3. Make third line at ¾ “.
4. These lines are just there to help line up the cuts for the pop-ups. They will not be seen after the card is taped to the base card.
5. Make a tick mark at ½ “, 1 ¼ “, 2 ½ “, 3 ½ “and 4 ½ “. These marks depend on the size of your pop-ups on your card.
6. First cut only goes up to second line using the ½ “mark as a guide. Cut another line ¼ “ apart from first cut.
7. Next one cut up to first line at 1 ¼ “mark. Cut another one ¼ “from that cut.
8. Cut next one to second line at 2 ½ “mark. Repeat ¼ “next to it.
9. Next one cut all the way up to the third line at 3 ½”mark. Repeat another cut next to it.
10. Last cut go to the second line at the 4 ½ “mark. Repeat another cut ¼ “next to it.

***just remember for every pop-up you need two cuts next to each other***

11. Fold pop-up cuts back and forth at the fold then open the card and reverse fold the pop-ups. The pop-ups you reverse fold end up being every other set of cuts. This makes the steps or pop-ups inside your card. Your pencil marks should now be on the outside and pop-ups on the inside of the card.
12. Add double stick tape to the bottom of the card with the cut out pop-ups. Place the side without the tape inside your base card then close the card. You should now have the bottom of your pop-up taped inside base card. Add double stick tape to top of card with cut out pop-ups and close the card again to tape to inside of base card.

13. Stamp lighthouse image on separate piece of cardstock, color with favorite medium and cut out. Add double stick tape to the bottom of the step you want your lighthouse and attach. Repeat this process with all cut out images as I did with the trees with Brilliance thyme ink.

14. The water is hand cut and tape to the three steps that are the same.
15. Tape pattern paper to top and bottom of inside of card. Stamp thinking of you saying, punch out with paper punch and tape to bottom of card. Add a piece of white cardstock to top inside of card for a place to hand write a message.
16. Tape 4” x 5 ¼ “ pattern paper to base card.
17. On 3 ¾ “x 5” white cardstock stamp boat in Distress broken china ink, Island saying with Brilliance black ink next to the boat image.
18. Blend Distress inks broken china and vintage photo along the edge of stamped card then add pleated ribbon for some added dimension. Tape stamped piece to front of base card and you are done!


  1. one of my biggest fans and friend. thank you!
    snow is coming.....time to hibernate! lol!
    stamping sue


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