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Monday, October 8, 2012

August postcard buddies

Yes, I'm a little behind showing my Postcard buddies monthly postcards but not that far off.  Here I am showing our august postcards with the them of National eye exam month.  what fun we all had with this theme!
For our first showing:
sue (me)- I did a masking technique with eye glasses or shades that have diamond glaze for lens. sent this to myself first to make sure the diamond glaze worked and it did! a couple of smudges but I like the little imperfections in mailing postcards.
muriel - glases with eyes peering out.  too cool!
leslie- all in black and white but you just have to love that image!
susan - disguise glasses!!!! and the cat wearing them!  love it!
brenda - originally designed sunglasses!  fabulous! can just see a movie star behind them.
debbie - she actually shows eye doctor equipment! don't you just feel like you are sitting in the doctor office looking at the eye chart.
Another month gone by for our little group of postcard buddies.  see you next month for the theme of autumn.  enjoy!


  1. What a great group of cards! They are all so clever.

    1. yes, petti they are a good group. thinking of coming back? we do have fun with our postcards.
      stamping sue


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