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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Williamsburg, VA

More from when we visited family earlier in May.  Since we were so close and haven't been there in years we took a ride (only 45 min. away) to Williamsburg, VA.  I'll start off by saying it was Hot! Hot! Hot! in the 90's!  now remember we came from good ole CT. where it was only 50's so going from 50 to 90 is a big difference.  Anyway we had a nice time walking around the shops and gardens at Williamsburg. 
Check out this budding new photographer!

Check out the budding new photographer.  she was snapping pictures all over the place having a grand time.  Not so happy in front of horse and buggy...think the big horses were a bit overwhelming for a city girl.

Of course when trips are up to me I always find a stamp store or something to do with stamping soooooooooooo I found out before we left that Impression Obsession stamps has a warehouse in Williamsburg!!!  They are the company that created cover*a*card background stamps.  Anyway when I emailed they said stop by so I did.  I was greeted by Sasha (spelling?) at the door who is the office manager and so nice.  She showed me around their warehouse....where they press rubber....cut products they sell.  If I was there with just my husband and not family I would have stayed for a much longer time talking and looking around but with it being 90 outside and only me being interested in rubber I left after about 15 minutes.  I did get to purchase a few of the cover*a*card images while I was there.  No pictures maybe another time.

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  1. Oh, I love Williamsburg. And who knew there was rubber there? At least you got to stop by, even though you couldn't stay longer.


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