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Sunday, May 20, 2012

swim practice - ear piercing - no stamping

Earlier in May we went to visit my brother and his family in Virginia.  Had a lot of fun and we always take one night to watch our niece at swim practice.  She is like a fish!!!  This group is called NOVA (don't know what it stands for) and they go to swim meets all over the surrounding states.  It always amazes me to watch our little (actually not so little anymore she just turned 13!) Kimberly swim. 

 O.K. now did I mention she turned 13!!!  she is now officially a teenager!  Her first act of being a teenager was getting her ears pierced. 

Now you need to know that our Kimberly is a strong girl in every way except with pain.....needless to say both her parents thought

she would chicken out but she didn't.  She looked completely terrified but she sat there and made it through the piercing with flying colors.  

Check out our brave and happy Kimberly!!!  More to come on our visit to VA.

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