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Friday, March 23, 2012

Y Postcard buddies

 Down to the last couple of sets of postcards from my Alphabet Postcard Buddies swap.  Here are all the "Y's"!  This time everyone came up with a different word to work with for "Y".  Yellow jacket by sue (me)- isn't that a great bee from Hot Potatoes Rubber Stamps .  Bet you can't guess what image I will be using for "Z"?   Yarn by muriel - who would have thunk she would have so many yarn images...not me.  Yule by petti - she wants us to stay in the holiday mood all year round.  Yoke by leslie - remember she is doing two for one so on the address side of her postcard is Yolk!!!  too funny!  Yak by roberta - she has kept with her animal theme all through this round of postcards...great! 

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