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Friday, March 16, 2012

X Postcard buddies

 X marks the spots for one of our buddies!  Up today are all the X postcard buddies.  Let's see first up is
Xmas by sue (me)- reindeer is by Hot Potatoes Fabric and Wall Stamps
Tic tac toe by muriel - lots of x mark the spots on this postcard.
X marks the spot by petti - great pirate's map. let's go treasure hunting.
X-ray is by leslie - we see right through you! backside has backside of skeleton!
Xenos sm. solitary rain forest bird by roberta - didn't know that.  fun to learn new things. 
A couple more letter to go then done with this round of postcard buddies but have no fear we started a new round....theme:  seasons/holidays.  enjoy!

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