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Friday, August 19, 2011

Silver Sands Park boardwalk - not as long as thought

I found information on Silver Sands State Park by googling it and guess what it isn't as long as we thought....LOL!  just seemed it for us out of shape old folgies.  So we walked 1 1/2 miles which is a good stretch.  Guess I should get my facts straight before posting from now on. 
Silver Sands State Park features a boardwalk with 1/10th mile markers extending west 3/4 miles, connecting the State park to the City of Milford's Walnut Beach Park. The site includes an offshore island connected to the mainland by a sand and gravel bar (tombolo) that is submerged at high tide. Accessing the tombolo is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and should be avoided. Access to the island is prohibited May 1 through August 31 to protect heron and egret rookeries.  Below is a photo we took of Charles Island......hmmmmm should we go dig for treasure, mateys!

Silver Sands State Park is a Connecticut State park in Milford, Connecticut, USA which offers facilities for swimming in the Long Island Sound, picnicking, trails, boardwalks and opportunities for bird-watching. It includes the 14-acre (57,000 m2) bird sanctuary of Charles Island, which is rumored to be the site of Captain Kidd's buried treasure. Silver Sands is adjacent to the city-owned park, Walnut Beach.

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