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Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Fishing we will go

Yes, a fishing we will go with these collage stamped fish themed cards.  Remember a few days ago I showed you all the collage stamping my friend and I did at her house?  Well, I made some of the pieces into cards to send out to friends.  What to see them? o.k. here is my show and tell today.  So what do you think?  comments are always welcome and appreciated.  The card on the left is basically the collage stamped piece with a couple of brads for eyes and Tim Holtz Sizzix Alterations on the edge brackets/parentheses die.  Those on the edge dies are great but that is only my opinon, I'm not affiliated with them at all.  That caveman looking or maybe a better way to describe it is primitive fish is by Hot Potatoes Fabric and Wall Stamps .  Roberta, my friend, has just about all those big bold stamps.  She does some fun stamping with them on all types of materials like ripped up paper bags, corrigated cardboard and much more.  Roberta is a great multi media stamper. she loves to add paint and use all types of what I would call junk and turn it into Art with a capital A.
Now for the card on the right...........went a little crazy for me with this one because it is going to my friend who I stamped with that day and she was fixed on adding glitter to all her cards.  I never would have taken her for a glitter girl and I've known her for years. 
 Had glitter all over including on me as my husband pointed out to me when we were making dinner last night.  So after dinner I decided to encase all the glitter in Diamond Glaze!  if you look close to this card you will also see some self stick crystals and some really fun May Arts light blue lacey ribbon.  more collage stamping cards to come.

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