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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Envelopes, please

 If you have been reading my blog this week you know I went over a friends' house to stamp.  Well, my friend likes to make envelopes and she told me she sits in front of the t.v. and folds envelopes sooooooo I did it yesterday morning.  Now keep in mind these are a work in progress.  First set of envelopes (pic on left) are called Diamond Fold.  Next set of envelopes (pic on right) are called Easy Square fold envelopes.  Last bunch of envelopes (pic on bottom left) are called Mennonite Fold note.  Oh yes, did I mention all these folded type envelopes are in Creative Correspondence book by Michael and Judy Jacobs.  There are a lot of fun folds for envelopes and cards in this book.  I said these are a work in progress because they are made out of decorative papers and could be left alone but being a stamper I need to stamp on them.  Should get to that later this week or next week and when I do I will show them to you.

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