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Sunday, August 7, 2011

collage stamping

Look at all the backgrounds I have to make cards, tags or postcards!!!  went over a friend's house yesterday and we just played with big background stamps to create fun background papers.  Basically what we did was just stamped on top of each other using different color inks then stamp big bold images on top of that and this is what I call "collage stamping" which I've been doing for years.  I do admit when I started doing my collage stamping it was very simple where I picked out four stamps then just stamped all over a full sheet of cardstock then cut it up to use in cards and such.  But this technique has evolved into more....and.....more....and....more!  We just got out our big background stamps and went crazy adding layer and layers of stamps and color.  So many stamps I couldn't keep track of all the companies we used but if there is a perticular image you like just leave me a comment and if I know it I will let you know.  This is a fun way to let yourself be free and just go wild!

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