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Friday, July 15, 2011

No stamping just Blueberries

Sorry no stamping because we went blueberrie picking at Jones Farms not too far from us maybe about a half hour away.  It was actually only like the second day of picking of the season so it was slim pickins but we did get enough for me to make yummy blueberry muffins...a fool proof recipe I got from a friend.  I say fool proof because I am NOT a baker at all but these muffins come out good everytime.  Makes 18 muffins so I froze half of them for a later date to eat.  Next made blueberries and bisquits...first time for this recipe and it came out great.  Best thing about this recipe is you do it all on top of the stove no oven to heat up the house.  At Jones Farm to get to the blueberry field you have to take the "Berry Ferry"!  Now keep in mind this was the first time we went blueberry picking at this farm and when the young attendant said walk over there to take the Berry Ferry I thought to myself.....Berry Fairy????  get it?  Ferry....Fairy!  It was so funny when I realized it was Ferry and not Fairy!  just the way this ole brain works.  It was a fun afternoon. 

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