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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fantasy Beach

Wouldn't you like to visit my Fantasy Beach?  Had fun creating these two cards using Faerie Song Art Stamps ~ Fantasy Themed Images and unique May Arts ribbons.  First check out the seahorse with the lacy light blue ribbon to create the effect of water and texture.  Second card has a fantasy unicorn seahorse swimming in a sea of bubble at least that is what that turquiose ribbon looks like to me.  what do you think?  Oh yeah, I'm back to coloring with my Prisma color favorite coloring medium.  Go check out May Arts ribbon blog to see more ideas with ribbon. 


  1. Yes, I would like to visit your fantasy beach. Love the way you used the ribbon for the water effect!

  2. love that awesome background on the unicorn seahorse. Cool. Your prisacolors are great. Those always were a fav of mine too.

    Cheers, Holley


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