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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Holiday cards questions????

Would like your suggestions on the color scheme of these three cards.  Should I use one of the gold cardstock or go all mauve???
Hope you can see in scan that there are two different tones of gold cardstock.

Another you think this card is too cute to use in a class? 

Please leave a comment with your suggestions! Need to know by Tuesday morning the latest.  thanks!


  1. On the first card I like the mauve.. on the 2nd card.. we all love cute cards go for it

  2. Wow Sue I love the all mauve card the gold seems dull in comparison. The Santa card is cute.How would it look to stamp Santa's face on flesh card stock? - lizzy

  3. I like the all mauve myself, but I am a huge tone-on-tone fan. I know there are people who do like the gold accent.

  4. Hey Sue, On the card with the little mittens I would go with the mauve it shows up better.

    Th Santa is adorable, can you make the buckle more round? or maybe a little tongue in the know where the buckle holds in place with the hole in the belt? Does this make sense?


  5. Here are some replies I got from one of the yahoo groups I belong to:

    I like the ones with the gold trim - especially the one on the right.
    Just my 2 cents worth:)

    Faith in Florida

    Sue, I love the look of all mauve instead of the mauve and gold. The mittens are adorable. The Santa card is sweet and I do not think it is too cute for class. Maybe a little coloring on Santa like his cheeks and nose? That is a great Santa image. Someone else was just telling me recently that they wanted to start on the holiday cards. I can’t even think about Christmas cards right now. I’m still waiting for Spring to come. LOL!



    Very cool Sue!
    Hugs~Cheryl Rotnem

    Interesting to see my Santa card on your blog
    Rose Metzker


  6. I want to thank everyone so far who have taken the time to let me know what they think of my holiday cards.
    A personal thank you goes out to Rose for letting me know it was her santa design. I always tell my students where I get my ideas and who when at all possible.
    thanks, stamping sue


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