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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Funky Flowers with bleach

Bleach is not just for getting out stains in clothes. When it comes to stamping nothing around the house is safe. So get out the bleach!

March 2009
cards by Sue Wisniewski - Sunday International design team
Funky Flowers – Sunday International, Dee Gruenig
household bleach
paper towels
3M double stick tape
Homemade bleach ink pad - paper towel on plastic plate
1. Fold a piece of paper towel into fourths and place it on a plastic plate. Pour bleach onto this paper towel pad.
2. Place your stamp into your homemade bleach ink pad. Make sure you have a good coverage of bleach onto your stamp.
3. Print your stamp onto colored cardstock and hold the stamp on the cardstock for a full 15 seconds. Remove stamp and watch the how the bleach reacts to the cardstock.
4. For this card I stamped the Funky Flowers on four different colored cardstocks, red pepper, orange, moss green & dark purple.
5. Cut each stamped Funky Flower into a small rectangle and layer onto a piece of black (4 3/4”x6 3/4”) cardstock with double stick tape.
6. Make a hole in the middle of this layer, wrap ribbon around and thread both ends of ribbon in the hole to the front of layer. Tie the ribbon into a bow.
7. Tape Funky Flower bleached layer with bow to an orange greeting (5x7 folded) card.
1. Do this in a well ventilated area.
2. Every color cardstock will react different.
3. Wash your stamp immediately after all your bleach stamping is complete. As long as you wash stamp after bleaching it will not harm your stamp.
Another sample card with just one Funky Rose

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  1. How fun! These are great! Love your alcohol ink splatters too!


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