My stamping adventures

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Seas the day

stamps used:  SU So many shells
This is a multi step stamp set or two step stamping which I do like because of the great effect.  Now with these two cards I went waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy out of my comfort zone with the colors just for the fun of it.
I did a multi color card with the big shell ... not sure but think it is a conk shell ... anyone out there know for sure???   anyway like I said I went crazy with multi colors ... what do you think?  I like it but my favorite color combo is the greens.  Bet that is not a surprise to my friends who know I like to do green cards.  Pink is really not my color but matching it up a darker red color it is o.k.  enough said about pink.  
o.k. everyone out there Go out and Seas the Day!