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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cemetery walk

Mary Fowler - check out rubbing of her grave. original grave stone is gone. in memory of Fowler, a young woman who died in her 20s in 1792. The headstone known as the "Molly Stone" is so popular as a result of its one-of-a-kind inscription. The inscription reads: "Molly tho pleasant in her day Was suddenly seiz'd and sent away How soon she's ripe how soon she's rott'n Sent to her grave and soon forgott'n."

We went on a cemetery walk yesterday at our local cemetery.  It was fun ..... fun because people from the Historical society dressed up in costumes at certain grave sites.  Our town was established back in the 16oo's so some of the grave stones are well worn but mostly still readable.  I thought it would be a 45 minute walk but it ended up being almost two hours so I tell you I was a little sore by the time we got home.  Usually if I know I will be doing any type of exercise which includes standing or walking for any length of time I take Ibuprofen before hand.  The little civil war boy had a very informative talk even with the train going by!  yes, the railroad took over part of our cemetery so there very well could be graves under the tracks because back then they just plowed through land for progress.  hope you like this little view of our cemetery.
check out how they spelled lies on the grave is spelled lyes on most of the grave stones in the old section.


  1. Very interesting. And yesterday was perfect weather for being outside.

    1. yes, it was a beautiful day Saturday for the almost two hour walk in the cemetery. very interesting facts about to just remember them all.


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