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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Charleston, S.C.

Last week went outside Charleston to visit family.  I got to get up close and
personal with Randy the horse that my niece is boarding for the winter.  We also took a ride into Charleston and walk through the Market Place which is about 3 blocks long.  It's full of vendors of all kinds.  Unfortunately I was so busy looking at everything I didn't get a picture!  But we did have a delicious lunch at a restaurant (pic on right) that had big stainless steel drums and an elevator in the middle of it.  There is a rooftop bar at the top of the elevator ride.  We
drove around different areas of Charleston to see all the beautiful houses.....the architecture is magnificent and the fences with gates around these houses are just as beautiful.  Next we took a walk out onto the pier with all it's splendor......even saw a pelican.....and of course on every pier in America are the viewers (which are made in my area) to see out to all the little islands/inlets.  hope you enjoyed this little tour from our visit to Charleston.


  1. I lived in Charleston in the 80's so thanks for the pictures of your tour! I miss it so much! I love the Market Place and all the homemade baskets! :)

    1. yes, they make homemade baskets in the Market Place and on the streets!


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