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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fun with my friend and Dyan Reaveley

Had fun getting inky ...... no painty with my friend on Sunday when we took an all day class with Dyan Reaveley.  We did different paint techniques in a small journal all day!  I really like Dyan's paints!  they dry fast!  they are semi-opaque and they layer on top of each other without getting muddy no matter what colors you use!  Look to the left and you can see the cover (stretched out for photo) of my small journal.  I did the color block technique and a little doodling but it's not done.  All the pages are a work in process because basically we just did a bunch of the background pages in the journal all day in class.  Look to the right and see my first attempt at the baby wipe technique.  With all the layering you wouldn't even know if I messed up or not.  Still haven't found a really good white gel pen but have picked up a couple of different white paint pens I want to try out in my journal.  I'll let you know how they work for me after I play with them some more.  I never thought I would get lost in doodling in a journal but I did!  yesterday I had to bring my hubby to dr's so I stayed out in the car with my journal and a paint pen and before I knew it an hour had past!!!  guess I'm really starting to like this journaling at least Dyan's writing mussy thoughts just playing.  will be back with more soon.

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  1. Sue, I love your results. The colors used here are so vibrant. Thanks for sharing!!!


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