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Thursday, February 12, 2015

lunch with friends

Yesterday was our annual Valentine luncheon at Leslie's house who
is the hostess with the most-est as the saying goes.  Her table-scapes is always spot on and creative! If you look over to the left at the photo you can see the table in all it's glory along with one of our beauties...that's Muriel. We
had beef and barley soup that was absolutely delicious!  in the
middle of the table was a delectable array of cheeses, breads, fruit and veggies to munch on along with the soup.  Over on the kitchen island were all kinds of deserts for after we finished that delicious soup.  There were mini brownies, cookies --- my favorite the
oatmeal raisin cookies!!!!!!  yummy!  even homemade marshmallows covered in coconut or heath bar candies but the main
desert was a fabulous lemon mousse.....Oh my! was that good!  everyone in our little group knows I'm not a chocolate person so the lemon desert was perfect in my opinion!!!  I have such good friends!   And of course, we are stampers so we had a card swap along with some handmade favors filled with candies and more.  The card swaps with all our extra goodies were in these beautiful red bags so we could bring everything home in style.  Over to the left is Roberta showing off a little card that our friend Petti made that was attached to a bag of candies....unfortunately she couldn't attend our get together because of family sickness.  she was missed.  Now over to the right is Brenda showing her full sheet she created using Dina Wakely techniques.....she cut up one of her sheets to make her card swap so we all could have a piece of her art.  All in all a terrific get together with friends to enjoy each other's company and lots of good food.

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