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Friday, November 14, 2014

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was my husband's birthday and we celebrated with yummy cheesecake topped with huge strawberries from Julia's a local bakery.  There is a little funny story about the card I made for him and it goes like this....there's a stamp company that actually sells a stamp set with the saying on the front of my card but I was too lazy or just didn't want to go out and find it so I used what was in my stash including a few alphabet sets.  Now the funny is the night before  (around 11 p.m.) we were sitting in front of the t.v. and he found a movie to watch....Superman with Russell Crowe .... almost immediately a giggle came on my face and he thought I was going daffy or something....anyway to make a long story short I couldn't resist and had to go get his card and by this time I was laughing out loud so he really thought I was daffy!  gave him the card and he burst out laughing!  this is probably only funny to us because we are a couple and sometimes after living with each other for so long you can kinda read each other's minds.  anyway enjoy the card and the cheesecake.

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  1. Adorable card, great story. Happy Birthday, Alan! Cheesecake looks luscious.


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