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Thursday, July 24, 2014

just for you

actually just for my S-I-L and niece who I will be seeing today.  we are all  meeting half way from our homes for a weekend away.  I went through all my cards and projects I have made over the past six months and packed up a box of fun to give to them.  my S-I-L is a crafty woman and she will share her craftiness with her daughter and I'm sure they will have fun with this box of fun!  now for the mermaid hanging....I went to a class with a couple of friends this past weekend and this is what we created in class.  well, almost when I got home and looked at it .... it looked a bit undone and when I showed it to my hubby he said, "o.k. but big".  he thought big because normally I make cards and this is probably 8 x 10 which is big for me.  I added some glitter, ribbon and the word...could use some more but decided to stop because need to pack it up if it's going to make it in the box of fun for my S-I-L because she likes mermaids.

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  1. What a lucky SIL and niece! The mermaid is gorgeous, and the box--well, what can I say? FUN!!!


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