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Friday, January 17, 2014

Northern Lights with friends

Went to friends' house earlier this week for our monthly stamp club
unfortunately a few of our members couldn't attend because of sickness or house repairs.  Needless to say that took us down to three of us but we had fun doing the new fad called Northern Lights.  It's an inky technique with dramatic results.  The first time I did this by myself I was very sparing with the black ink but after doing it now several times I like it with more black ink coverage.  You can find this technique all over the web by just doing a search.  Click on pics to have a bigger look.  These are all just circles or quarter card size...not yet made into cards.  I will post my finished cards next week.
Roberta went to town with this technique and did a great job.  I knew
she would because she likes to add layers of inks and layers of stamps.  She did one really dark one (see left) that I really liked.

Susan's are beautiful and full of that extra little touch of color.  She surprised me because I didn't think she would be so into this technique but she was and look at her wonderful results.

Our next meeting in February will be our Valentine luncheon hosted by our friend Leslie.  There was some talk of continuing the Northern Lights technique for our March meeting so the rest of our clubbers can have fun getting inky.  We'll see.


  1. They all look wonderful. So sorry I had to miss the meeting.

  2. Gorgeous technique! I need to give this a try.


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