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Friday, August 2, 2013

Fun, fun, fun!

O.k. here is the last card with alcohol inks for now, at least I think so unless I find another one in my pile of cards.  This card is done with green and blue AI's then stamped with an oldie but goodie image from a company that unfortunately is no longer.  Two of these ladies look like they are having fun but the third ..... that would be me isn't!!!  I never was one for amusement parks and especially ROLLERCOASTERS!  I remember back when I was 18 or 19 I was at Disneyworld and was talked into going on SPACE MOUNTAIN.......never again!  it's a rollercoaster in the dark.  before it starts the attendants come around to push the bar down in front of you and ask you take off any eyeglasses, dangly jewelery and so on...o.k. I took off my glasses.  besides that bar in front of you there is a loose fitting seat belt (if I remember correctly) well by the time that ride was over I was bounced around so much (mainly because back then I weighed in at 100 lbs.) the belt was off and my butt was sore from bouncing up and down so much.  Soooooooo that is why I'm the third lady on the ride holding on for dear life and scared out of her wits.  guess I bored you enough with my ramblings of years gone by.  please just enjoy my card.

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