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Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Birthday!

I was asked over to my friend Leslie's house under the impression to just have a sandwich and visit..............well..............that was not the case.  Her and three more friends threw me a lovely birthday party!  We had a delicious quiche loraine and a green salad with all the
trimming and if that wasn't enough out came Leslie with a lemon cake with strawberries on the side!  two of my favorites!  they know I'm not a chocolate person at all...I can take it or leave it and most of the time I leave the over the years it's been a joke that whenever there is chocolate something there is a little something without it for me.  I have good friends.  After the wonderful lunch we sat around for awhile looking at beautiful cards that Petti brought to show us and a few I brought.  Lunch and stamping show & tell with friends then I got home and my husband took me out to Scribner's for a seafood dinner.  Scribner's in our little city is the place to go if you want's tucked away the beaten path down by Woodmont beach.  All in all a good day and night!  Thank you, my friends and husband! 
***photos by Petti***

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