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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday in the park....

Remember that song from the group Chicago.  I always like that song so here are a few
photos of us taking a walk on the boardwalk at Silver Sands beach.
  Oh, well not the park but still outdoors in the fresh air.  this past year we had a couple of storms that
unfortunately ripped out part of our boardwalk at the beach but it is being fixed. check out me sitting on the bench....swinging my feet in the wind.  that's right I'm so short my feet don't touch the sand!  the seagulls are having a nice swim in the cold water.  oh yeah, did I mention that these photos were taken last week when my husband and I took our first walk on the boardwalk.  Isn't my hubby a cutey with his shades.  lol! 
I do like to see all the sand castles that the kids make and here is one of the first for this year.  enjoy! 

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