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Monday, February 11, 2013

still diggin out

Did I mention the other day that we got a little over 3 feet of snow!  well, we did.  That's my 6'1" son shoveling snow out of our driveway unfortunately it is too much for our little snow blower.  Our mayor says the major roadways are cleared but secondary roads (like us) should be plowed out by Monday night which is tonight.  I'm hoping but in honesty don't think we will be plowed out till tomorrow so if we do get plowed today I will be overjoyed.  See those long icicles hanging off our house...they are pretty just stay out of the way when they fall.  The last picture is me taking a picture with my camera on close-up to get my neighbor's trash can.  Our trash pick up is on Friday and they went away for the weekend so their can got covered up to lid in snow.  They were surprised when they got home on Sunday afternoon!  They had to walk trudge down our street carrying their luggage....needless to say they couldn't drive their car here .... wonder where they left it?  guess after we get plowed I can ask.    I will say I am thankful we have power! well, enough of this white next post will be back to what I love....STAMPING! stay safe and warm!

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  1. Wow! You really got slammed! We only got 12-1/2 inches.


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