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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fuzzy Colors

This is a fun background technique that I have been doing for years.  I have an article about this technique here .  Just thought I would show it here with a twist.


Fuzzy Colors background technique came about because I was always pulling out my stipple brushes to add a little color to the edge of my cards. I starting thinking why not fill a whole sheet of cardstock with color using my stipple brushes. It looked like fuzzy colors to me so that is how the name for this technique came about years ago. Stipple brushes come in all sizes & shapes which I have several. I like to use one stipple brush for each color family. I've been saying for years, “Stipple brushes are a stampers' best friend!”
Basically what I do is stipple colors onto a full sheet of 8 ½ x 11 cardstock, this way you can cut it up when done to make up to four cards or just cut it up for any project. The first color is usually my main color another words if you start with red it is going to be seen the most. Stipple your next color randomly on the cardstock leaving spaces for other colors. Continue stippling colors. The more you stipple the fuzzier your colors will look. Stippling the darkest color last to give all the colors depth.
Any ink pads will work with this technique .... dye inks, pigment ink pads or chalk ink pads.
Experiment with whatever ink pads you own and have fun! Let's get started!

FUZZY COLORS! - full sheet of cardstock

Stipple brushes – all sizes & shapes
double stick tape
Prisma color pencils

Inks:  any inks will work with this technique


1. On a full sheet of white cardstock stipple ink randomly all over cardstock.
Move onto next color Marvy Carribean Blue then Marvy Green and last Marvy Oriental Blue.
2. Once your sheet of white cardstock is covered with color it is time to stamp your image. It's that easy!
3. Stamp image with VersaFine Onyx Black inkpad.
4. Color in select sections of image with Prisma color pencils.
5. Layer black cardstock that has the four corners rounded with double stick tape onto turquoise square card.


The twist is stamping image first then masking with a post-it cut out a little bigger than the image itself. Cutting the mask bigger gives more white space for a more clearer view of image.

Stipple brushes – all sizes & shapes
double stick tape

Marvy Matchables dye ink pads – Carribean Blue, pale green & oriental blue
VersaFine Onyx Black


1. Stamp on white (4 x 5 1/4”) cardstock with VersaFine Onyx Black ink pad.
2. Stamp the same image on Post-It and cut it out a little bigger than the image itself. This is called a mask.
3. Place the mask over the stamped image on the white card.
4. Stipple ink just around the masked image.
5. Remove the mask from the image.
6.  The image itself is uncolored and stands out from the fuzzy colors.
Tip: 1. For more interest you can stipple some gold pigment sparely on fully colored cardstock.
2. Use as few as two colors or up to five colors of inks for this technique.
3. Use Fuzzy Color background paper as a background only or stamp directly onto the fuzzy colors background.

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  1. The howling white wolf with the beautiful background is amazing! :) Janis


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