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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene is coming

Sounds like they are saying Irene is coming here Sunday morning so battened down the hatches!  Stores here in town are saying they are going to close up early today starting around 2 p.m.  That's stores like bead shop here in town and such.  Don't know about grocery stores but we went there yesterday.  Only thing we couldn't find was size D batteries so hopefully the batteries in our flashlights hold up or we will be in the dark if we loose power.  Other than that all is good here. 


  1. Sam couldn't get D batteries at a hardware store in Manhattan, so went to a toy store--no problem!

  2. Sam is so smart! I never thought to go to toy store for batteries.
    stamping sue

  3. HI Sue! We have been lucky so far. Still have power at the apartment here in New Rochelle. I hope that you did not need the batteries after all.
    I received your lovely scallop collage card on Friday. I had read your blog about Silver Sands. I hope that Irene wasn't too harsh there.
    Love the popsicle card too!


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