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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

B & W Birthdays

Here is another B & W birthday card front and inside.  A little different version than the ones I made last week.  This time instead of making squares out of the scrapbook papers....I made banners.  At least that is what I'm calling them.  Strips of papers with the ends cut into points, I guess they could also be called flags.  Take your pick banners or flags.  This seems to be the in thing right now for adding to cards besides the faux baker's twine around the front stamped embellishment.  I call it faux because it is regular crochet string I picked up at craft store and colored with sharpie pens.  This one was with a green sharpie pen.  I saw this on a blog out there in cyber space -----  Life {Sweet} Life: DIY Faux Baker's Twine  -----
and thought it was a creative alternative to the real thing which I can't find around here. Well, I think I have enough birthday cards made up for now so onto my next project which is a perpetual calendar.  I have the calendar pages printed but more on that when I get it done.
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