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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! to my friend (you know who you are). Cased this card right from Hero Arts. Used all thier stamps except for dots they are by Outlines Rubber Stamp Company. Sorry Hero didn't have your dots but other than that it is totally cased. It's called a hidden message card because there is a hidden message pull tab in the icing of the cupcake. The card itself is fun but the cutting and making it fit was a bit touch and go for a bit but did get it to work after a couple of I think I have it! And just for my friend ---------- I stamped something on the envelope! simple stamping but it is stamped so it counts. I have a couple of stamping buds who always get on me for not stamping something on envelope so I'm trying after how many do it. So HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!

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  1. Sue, you're the best! I love the card, and as I always say, "No naked envelopes!"


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