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Sunday, July 25, 2010

B&W Freeform peyote bracelet

I finished my black & white Freeform peyote bracelet.  I did go back to MANIFEST BEADS---We Moved to 51 River Street in Milford for help and Kira was very helpful.  Just to let you know I'm not affiliated with bead store just a very appreciative customer for all their help and knowledge.  Always willing to help.  If you look back here:  to see the two other bracelets I made you can see the difference between them.  The first, green one is five rows then with the red/brown one I did a couple more rows now with this b & w one it is more like a cuff bracelet because I couldn't stop I just kept going & going & going.  Do need to take a break from beading, though because these old eyes need a rest so back to stamping this week.  enjoy!

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  1. Love your bead work!! While I've never taken the time to do any bead work like this, I know how much time and talent went into creating this. How beautiful!


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