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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Explosion as in Explosion fold card.  I haven't made one of these cards in years but all of a sudden I got an urge to make a couple.  This is actually a card I sent out yesterday for a swap I'm in ...... a little sad because this swap is closing so this is the last card for this swap.  I wanted to do something different so I thought bring back the explosion fold card so I did.  The owl on the front is Perfect Pearls technique.     Now I want to see if anyone pays any attention to me here or are my posts just going out to cyber space so if you want to know how to do the explosion fold or want to know the Perfect Pearls technique please leave me a message.  I know I can count on one of my dear friends to let me know but I know she knows how to fold the explosion so anyone else interested? 


  1. You're right; I know how to do the fold. But I'm glad you consider me a "dear" friend!

  2. I'm interested in both! Your "dear" friend has probably shown me these, but it's been ages.


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