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Friday, June 26, 2009

Collage stamping

Collage stamping is just a fun way to use different stamps & inks together plus make several cards at one time.
Stamps used: Jungle ATC set by Sunday International

by Sue Wisniewski
June 2009
Collage Stamping basic instructions:
1. Choose up to four colors of inks and images.
2. On a full sheet of (8 ½” x 11) cardstock, stamp first image with darkest ink all over the cardstock.
3. Repeat stamping other images using the remaining colors of inks that are chosen for project all over cardstock.
4. When finished stamping, cut the cardstock into squares, rectangles, strips or in any shapes.
5. Take your cut out pieces and create cards, bookmarks, covers for books or any project.
Stamping first image with darkest color ink will allow that image to stand out from the crowd of images.
Stamp all images randomly on sheet of cardstock so when you cut up your cardstock after it is stamped you will have all the images on all your finished cards.
3. Fill the whole sheet of cardstock completely. Don't worry, it will look a little busy but once you cut your cardstock apart and layer, it will be fine.
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