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Friday, August 7, 2020

bleach stamping with video

(see video below)

stamps used:  Unity stamp co.

Above are bleached card fronts.
Bleaching is an old technique, it's fun to bring back the old and make it new.
Spot or Select bleaching:
1.  stamp open line stamp image.
2.  with a Q-tip paint in bleach.
3.  allow to air dry.

stamps used:  ASITH

Bleach stamping:
1.  create a bleach ink pad:  folded paper towel with sponge under paper towel to hold the bleach.
2.  press solid image stamping into bleach ink pad.
3.  stamp onto cardstock and hold for 10 to 15 seconds.
4.  remove stamp to reveal the bleached image.
5.  leave as straight bleach or color with chalks.

Watch video here in this post or at my you-tube channel.

See more post of mine doing the bleach technique here from 2011, another here more recenthere and this post way back in 2009.  That's enough for now ... if you want to see more you can type bleach in the search bar.
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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Trying my hand at watercoloring

stamps used:  Altenew stamps 

I'm still not sold on watercoloring but I keep trying.  This is my attempt of watercoloring on one of my favorite Altenew Build-a-flower Anemone.  
I started out by embossing the outline of the Anemone with a couple of different embossing powders ... a gold and a white embossing powder.  My embossing powders are old but they still seem to work and I'm not a big fan of embossing so I will just use what I have for now.  I picked up the 36 set of Altenew watercolor pan set when it was on sale, so I would have lots of colors to play with on my cards.  I started by wetting the embossed flowers, then laying down a light wash of color to the full flower.  After that I just added a darker color to add shading ... not too sure I accomplished what I set out to do ...... but ..... it is what it is.  For the background I wet all around the card and just did a light wash again of color, then dropped darker color around the edge of the flowers.  
Well, that is my attempt of watercolor for now, I guess I need a lot more practice ... NO ... I know I need to go practice some more. 
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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Collar fold and V pop up card

Collar fold and V pop up card

stamps used:  Stampin' Up and  Unity stamp co.

This my August Fancy fold card for my local swap group.

To make the collar fold:
1.  On 5 1/4" x 4" DSP find the center of the long side.
2.  Cut in about 1/2" to 1" and fold back each side of the cut.
3.  Tape down each side of the collar and you are done.

To make the pop up inside:
1.  Start with a piece of 8 1/4" x 5 1/4"
2.  Score in the center at 4-1/8
3.  On each side at the top, left and right make a pencil mark at 2 1/4" 
4.  At the center score from the top make a mark down at 2 3/4"
5.  Place a ruler at the top left hand side going diagonal to the center mark and score, repeat on the right hand side. 
6. Fold the score line inside card.  This is a reverse fold.

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Monday, July 27, 2020

Joseph's coat w/a stencil twist and video

Joseph's Coat w/a stencil twist

stamps used:  Unity stamp/dies co., Stampin' Up stamps/dies
stencils used:  crafter's workshop, Hero Arts

stamps used:  Unity stamp co., Altenew stamp/dies

Basic instructions:
1.  Blend color on cardstock.
2.  Place stencil over colored cardstock and sponge on black ink.
3.  Remove stencil to reveal the fun!

Check out video below in this post or at my you tube channel and if you like the video please give it a thumbs up.

Here are some more cards.  Once you start you just can't stop ... or is that just me?  LOL!
stamps used:  Unity stamps/dies, Stampin' Up stamps/dies
stencils used:  Altenew stencil, dylusions stencil, crafter's workshop stencil

Saw this technique on GinaK FB Live.  You can see more stencil ideas here in this posthere, and in this post with a video. 

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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Thin Frame dies technique

***used two different set of thin frames dies for samples in photo***

Thin Frame die technique-
1. Run the thine frame dies together with color cardstock.  I taped them together with blue painter's tape so they stay together.
2. After die cutting carefully pull the colored cardstock away from the dies but keeping them taped together with the blue painter's tape.  repeat with all the different colors of cardstock.
3.  Number the colored cardstock dies.  example if the thin frame dies have 8 dies then cut out 8 colors and number 1 - 8.
4.  Cut the same amount of think typewriter paper and number the same as the color cardstocks.  the finished design will be assembled on the typewriter paper.
5.  First piece of paper (#1) ... remove the smallest colored cardstock from #1 and glue to #1 typewriter paper.  
6.  Move onto #2 typewriter paper and glue smallest section from #2 colored cardstock.
7.  Go back to #1 typewriter paper and from #2 colored cardstock glue the next bigger section around the smallest section from before.
8.  Typewriter paper #3 ... glue smallest section from #3 colored cardstock.  Go back to typewriter paper #2 and glue next size from #3 colored cardstock.
9.  Keep repeating steps #5 thru #8 till all the typewriter papers are completed.
10.  You end up with 8 designs or as many as the dies you started.
11.  Cut out each design and create as many cards as you desire with all of the designs.

This is a fun and addicted technique that does take a little time and patience but it's worth it in the end.  If you would like to see a video please go to Jennifer McGuire .

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Monday, July 20, 2020

Ferns are still forever

stamps used:  SU Forever Ferns

I just can't get enough of this stamp set and dies!  For all three of these cards I stamped a lot of the images, then die cut them ... so ... I have a little bowl on my table with all the die cuts.  Now I can just pick and use whatever die cuts I want to make a card or two or three or more.  LOL!  
I did want to point out on the second card a fun idea to add a circle sentiment, but cut out another circle frame and place it behind ..... but ..... off set.  What do you think?  a good idea or not?  Well, I like it and thought it gave another dimension to the card besides the embossed layer behind it.
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Friday, July 17, 2020

Moon swap - May: flowers and June: strawberry


May is Flower Moon

June is Strawberry Moon

Some friends and I decided in order to keep up with each other and to be able to create together that ..... we would do a Moon swap to send to each other.  Normally we get together for lunch or just to chat but with our times right now that isn't possible, so we are staying together with our art.
Above are my interpretations of the moon themes for the months of May and June.  

May is the flower moon. 
I stamped a bunch of flowers but first I made a reverse circle mask to blend some color.  Next I stamped the flower image, then punched out the circle.  Actually I punched out a smaller circle and layered it onto a light blue note card. 

June is the Strawberry moon.
I hadn't made any faux postage in years so why not make some faux strawberry postage!  I cut out the faux postages with decorative scissors ..... another tool in my stash I haven't used in years!  fun to bring back old techniques and old tools!!!  Anyway, I adhered the faux postage to a tag that I did a little stamping on and blending color along the edges.
Check out more of my faux postage here, here, and in this post. 

Come back later in the month to see another Moon creation.
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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Watercolor to platform cards

stamps used:  Altenew stamps
This is a short and sweet post just to show off a couple of cards.
Got out my set of Altenew watercolors and did some basic watercoloring inside the squares of the Tartan stamp set.  The Altenew flowers were done with the Build a Flower: Anemone stamp set.  I made these cards into what I call Platform cards you can see more here, here, and in this post.  You can also go to the search box in the sidebar and type in platform cards to see more.
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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Card sketch

For the month of July at my local card swap group we are doing a card sketch.  Card sketches are not my favorite but it's good to step out of your comfort zone once in a while.
 stamps and dies used:  SU
card sketch used

As you can see with my card I decided to turn it on a diagonal.  Why? you ask.  Just because I could and when I tried to do it straight across like the actual sketch ..... I just couldn't make it work.  With card sketches and when you CASE a card; you have artist license to change it a bit to fit your idea of what it will be.
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Friday, July 10, 2020

Fishy spinner card

stamps used:  Stampin' Up
stencils used:  Altenew, TH shifter stencil

Did this card for no other reason then for fun.  I hadn't made a penny spinner card in years so thought it would give it a spin.  teeheeheee  I changed it up a little by making it a double spinner.  I used Lawn Fawn slide on over dies, which makes it easy to make the channels, for the fish to slide or in this case spin across the card.

Below is a video I did a few years go, but you can still see the basics on how to make a penny spinner card.  You can also go to my you tube channel to see video.

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What Are You Mailing? Domestic

Knowing the shape of your mail determines the price you will pay.
This picture shows a postcard. This picture shows a letter. This picture shows a large envelope. This picture shows a package.
Maximum thickness 0.016 inch
Maximum thickness 1/4 inch
Large Envelopes
Maximum thickness 3/4 inch
Maximum length plus girth 108 inches (130 inches for USPS Retail Ground)

Mailpiece Dimensions

Postcards minimum
5 inch min.
6 inch max.
3-1/2 inch min.
4-1/4 inch max.
Letters minimum
5 inch min.
11-1/2 inch max.
3-1/2 inch min.
6-1/8 inch max.
Large Envelopes minimum
11-1/2 inch min.
15 inches
6-1/8 inch min.
12 inches
Packages Maximum length plus girth 108 inches (130 inches for Retail Ground)

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Double the stencils and video

Double the Stencils

Yes, double your fun using stencils by moving the stencil over a bit or twisting it around to another section.

stamps used:  Altenew stamps and Unity stamps
stencils used:  The Crafters Workshop

Basic instructions:
1.  place stencil on cardstock and ink with color.
2.  move the stencil over just a bit so when you add the white ink it is offset.
3.  this step is optional.  place a different stencil design over the shifted stencil inked card...use a dark ink (in this case a dark blue) to pick a section from the stencil to ink over the already shifted inked card.
You can see more details in the video below or at my you tube channel.

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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Forever Fern fun

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!
Hope everyone is keeping cool and safe at home in these times.

Split Trick Cards or Two for One cards

stamps used:  Stampin' Up Forever Fern, sayings variety of stamp companies

Close up of Forever Fern cards

I can't get enough of this stamp set and dies!  Guess I just went crazy with stamping and die cutting all of these images, so as you can see ..... I made several cards with the split trick card technique.  You can do a google search for this technique or in my search box type split trick or two for one cards.  You can go to this post to see more cards and a video or here still more of this card idea.  You can also go to my you tube channel to see how to do this technique and more.
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